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Nationwide Marketing believes that if you want your customers to find you, then you have to make your website visible and easily accessible. Our internet marketing team will help accomplish your marketing and advertising goals cost effectively.

Customer Satisfaction

"We had heard good things about Nationwide Marketing for years, but their mortgage marketing results actually exceeded our expectations. They increased the number of internet leads we received significantly and we closed more loans. In today's challenging mortgage market it is very important that you align your company with marketing people you can trust and who can perform."

S. Park, Branch Development Mgr,
Community First Bank Loan Services

"Nationwide Marketing was the only SEO company that could consistently get us good leads. Once we implemented one of their long term lead generation programs, our loan officers funded more loans."

Jeff Moran
Countrywide Home Loans


Internet Marketing Experience

Let our marketing expertise help you find more customers that will increase your revenues. Our SEO team will help your business reach its goals and stay within your budget.
Linking Strategies
Submit Website to Search Engines

Keyword Research
According to Trellian Keyword Discovery, over 80% of all online transactions begin with a keyword search. To be successful in a specific niche online you must market effectively by researching the keywords specific to your industry and services.

SEO Copywriting
The ability of write original content for a website that reads well for a page viewer while featuring specific keywords and phrases that best describes the business and website offers.  If you were to repeat a keyword forty to fifty times on a page, you would be significantly risking your rank for most of the search engines. The search engines discourage key-word spamming therefore your search engine placement results will be compromised if you cross the line.

Create or Enhance Your Image

Your call to action should use action verbs that compel visitors to respond accordingly.
Advanced Online Marketing
White Hat SEO Marketing

Video Integration with Websites

Bill Gates predicted recently that video online will someday replace the television. Don't you think it's a good idea to get on board now and integrate video in to your website and enhance your visitors' online experience?

Nationwide Marketing specializes in credit, debt, real estate and mortgage lead generation. We have created and managed hundreds of successful lead generation campaigns for mortgage lenders, brokers, debt settlement companies and loan modification law firms in all 50 states.

Whether you need direct mail, telemarketing, live transfers or exclusive internet leads, our lead marketing team can help you develop a long term strategies for acquiring quality leads that convert to sales.

Take advantage of natural search engine optimization and mortgage lead generation strategies for website development for mortgage companies. Find out why Wells Fargo offices, Community First Bank and Countrywide branches have come to Nationwide Marketing time and time again for mortgage SEO marketing over the last five years.



Nationwide Marketing is an internet marketing agency based in San Diego, California that specializes in search engine marketing, organic SEO search engine optimization, lead generation services, website promotions, press releases, keyword analysis and reputation management. Our San Diego SEO marketing agency is one of the fastest growing search engine optimization companies in the United States providing natural search and local optimization to all types of businesses online. Our SEM services and SEO solutions have become a proven commodity in the real estate, mortgage and financial communities online. Nationwide provides premiere internet marketing and lead generation services including the following online solutions: SEO web design, search engine optimization tips, opt-in Email marketing, creative blogging, key word strategies, pay-per click management, press release submissions, and website development.

Our clients like our online marketing strategies because we keep a high priority on our customers' needs and ROI. Simply put…We help connect consumers and business together. Our web development team possesses unique search engine optimizing experience and ambitious yet ethical practices. Nationwide Marketing integrates traditional marketing solutions with SEM and SEO services to best meet our client's needs. Our fresh approach encourages a positive experience for consumers and noticeably better results for our clients. Many of our finance clients have had success with voice broadcasting in their lead generation campaigns. Clients continue to report high conversion rate s with click to call technology.

Search Marketing Strategies

* Website Design
* Opt-In Email Marketing
* Key Word Strategies
* CREATIVE Blogging
* Pay Per Click Management
* Website Development

Search Engine Marketing - SEO
SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of improving the search engine ranking and web traffic for specific site.

Nationwide Marketing founder Bryan Dornan continues to invest in search engine marketing by creating new ventures like Smart Search Strategies that are dedicated to advancing SEO and SEM for their clients. The search marketing process for Nationwide Marketing follows the search engine optimization best practices as outlined by Google, Yahoo and Dornan's SEO team.

Search engine optimizing creates a rare opportunity for small business sites to compete with big corporate sites because the search engine companies are not prejudice against things like size of company, money in the bank and years in business. We offer online reputation management campaigns to protect your image on the internet.

There is an art to Website Copy Writing and optimizing copy written material so that the website reads well and ranks well for the specific key terms that describe the business niches best. Search engines discourage key-word spamming therefore your search engine placement results (SERPS) will be compromised if you cross the line. It is imperative that your website contain original, informative and well-written content that drives customers to respond to a call for action.

Quality copy written content drives other business websites to point link to your site which is an essential step for cost effective website promotions. This is a great method for developing the best ranking with the search engines naturally. Adding good content with copywriting is essential to organic search engine optimization.


Measuring Conversion Rates
One of the most integral components of website promoting is the conversion rate of a website. Conversion rates measure the results and success of an effective internet marketing campaign.

Conversion rates are measured by the number of potential visitors performing a designated action, whether the action is buying something or completing a form. In most cases, the higher the conversion rate, the more successful the site will ultimately be valuable your website becomes. Conversion Rate

> Foreclosure Lawyer Case Study
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> FHA Mortgage Case Study

Keyword analyzing is critical component of effective internet marketing. Take some time and consider the important terms and phrases for your business.

We suggest taking advantageous of our Free keyword analysis because it will benefit your website infinitely.

Key words should be integrated into your Call to Action that needs to be supported with a solid benefit statement. Our internet marketing specialists look forward to promoting your business online. Key-Word Strategies

SEO Marketing News

Adobe and Google announced a new breakthrough whereby the search engines would be able to index, review and read Flash files.

Yahoo! announced the launch of Yahoo! Buzz, which would create a new social marketing tool for advertisers, consumers and publishers.

Google Blog creates opportunity for SEO people to talk strategy online

Read more from San Diego Search Marketer, Bryan Dornan

Lead Generation Campaigns

* Organic Search Results
* Live Phone Transfers
* Live Web Chat
* Software Integration

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a social marketing technique where publishers and website owners promote a business online and they are paid for the referral. You can target industry specific affiliates, value- added affiliates or go with a broader audience from one of the search engines sites like Yahoo!, Google, MSN and

Other effective affiliate sites might be or These authority websites often provide affiliate tools that have increase the traffic for many businesses. Affiliate marketing can be an effective tool for your business to reach more visitors by maximizing social networking online.

Clearly you want your site to be search engine friendly in effort to achieve the best results and the highest rankings online. Build your website methodically and design your site for users not search engines. > More Website Promotions

Search engines need to be able to properly index your site so pragmatically promoting your website is essential if you want to maximize your results with internet marketing. However, avoid being myopic in the process, because people not spiders will be viewing your site and making a purchasing decision based on what they see, so the site has to be appealing to people.

Advanced Online Marketing

* Radio- Television Campaigns
* WEB- Video Integration
* SEM- Market Consultation
* Press Release Distribution
* RSS Feeds
* Public Relations

Organic Search Engine Optimization
Cost-Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

Embedding Video Adds Value to Your Website
Search Engine Marketing - SEO Style

Nationwide Marketing was founded in 2001 by mortgage marketing expert Bryan Dornan in an effort to create an agency who focused on natural search engine optimization. The company has become an authority on lead generation for mortgage, debt settlement, real estate and law firms. With the internet devouring more and more media market-share each year, it is essential that you put some careful thought into web development, branding, content and of course Search Engine Optimizing. Don't cut corners with internet marketing and make sure that you incorporate SEO with a trusted team that has a proven track record of successful online marketing campaigns.

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